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 ZNA Dealership Opportunities.

Dealership Opportunities

Imagine what you could do as a ZNA dealer.

We are the number one leading chinese pickup 4x4 manufacture company in China and we have plenty of room to grow in Latin America.

That’s why we want dedicated, full-service dealerships to join our growing
Global ZNA Dealership Network.

Why should you partner with ZNA ?

ZNA manufacture world-class quality pickup 4x4, built for durability, with high strength steel, high quality components and powered with NISSAN leading engines technology.

More owners are discovering that ZNA pickup 4x4 are durable, comfortable,fuel-efficient, powerful and easy to maintain.

The best value for money in today’s pickup 4x4 market!

ZNA International Team is passionate about your success.

Our highly trained export team and our professional spare parts and technical service division, will be with you on your side 100% offering you professional communication and quick response.

If your company is interested in learning more about ZNA dealership opportunities in your area, please fill up our dealership inquire contact form and very soon one of our regional office staff will get back to you.

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